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November 17 2017

November 16 2017

November 15 2017

November 14 2017

November 13 2017

November 10 2017



More marketing.

I’ll be at Fan Expo Vancouver for the next few days, starting today at 2 PM. Can’t be there? I’ll post pictures on Instagram!

November 09 2017

November 08 2017



More speed.

And I wrote a little post about my upcoming appearances in Vancouver. Hope to see you soon, Vancouverites!

November 07 2017

November 06 2017

November 03 2017

November 02 2017

November 01 2017

Halloween Contest 2017 winners!

Halloween Contest 2017Thanks to everybody who entered this year’s Halloween contest! As always, it was tough to choose the winners, and there were lots that covered common themes with subtle differences in wording. Common themes included selfies, Siri, cell phone reception, and dead parties. Lots of fun stuff! But I did manage to pick a few favorites, so here are this year’s winners of a signed pair of Laser Moose books…

“Let’s take it again. It’s still just you.” – by Arno H.

“There’s your problem: you went straight at Cairo and you should’ve taken a left.” – by Jayson

“It’s Helga’s phone. Turns out it was more waterproof than she was.” – by Ashley B.

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch soon to get your address information. And thanks again to everybody who participated! Happy Halloween!

October 31 2017

Ready for Halloween

Ready for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I’ll be announcing the winners of my Halloween contest later today – stay tuned to see if you win Laser Moose books!

October 30 2017



And I’ll be choosing winners for my Halloween contest tomorrow, so you’ve still got some time to enter!

October 27 2017



You’ve got a few more days to enter the contest before I choose winners on Halloween!

Oh and I forgot to mention here that I wrote a little post about musical influences for my new book, Disco Fever: check it out!

October 26 2017

Down at the Lab

Down at the Lab

Here are more brains.

And there’s still lots of time to enter my Halloween contest!

October 25 2017

Change of Agenda

Change of Agenda

More zombies!

And there’s still lots of time to enter my Halloween contest!

October 24 2017

Halloween Contest 2017

Halloween Contest 2017

Time for my annual Halloween contest! Complete this cartoon and you could win a pair of signed copies of my latest books: Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy, and the new sequel Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy: Disco Fever (released today!)

Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy 1 and 2

To enter the contest, tell me what the chicken is saying in the above cartoon. You can add your entry (or entries) to the comments here, or post your answer on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook or Pinterest or Google+. Or send it to me the old fashioned way via my contact form. I’ll choose three winners, to be announced on Halloween!

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