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August 14 2017

August 11 2017



More from the internet.

And hey there’s a GoComics desk calendar coming out and I’m in it! Here’s a sneak peek!

August 10 2017

August 09 2017

August 08 2017

August 07 2017

August 04 2017

August 03 2017

August 02 2017

Doctor Hyena

Doctor Hyena

And here are more wonders of nature.

And I wrote a post about proofing the cover for the new Laser Moose book. Check it out!

August 01 2017

July 31 2017

July 28 2017

What A Week

What A Week

More trees.

Oh and I wrote a new post on dougsavage.com about sound effects in comics. Pfarp!

July 27 2017

July 26 2017

July 25 2017

July 24 2017

July 17 2017

Abstract Art

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July 14 2017

July 13 2017

July 12 2017

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